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Win-Win Partnerships

Elevate your brand with athletes who are genuinely excited to work with you

We specialize in innovative brand experiences and marketing solutions tailored to your unique mission and goals. From launching a new product to driving brand awareness with a new audience, we can help you achieve the growth and exposure you’re looking for through purposeful athlete partnerships built on mutual excitement.

Your athlete partners should be excited to work with you

You don’t want to be “just another logo” to them. Athletes should be thrilled to work with your company. When your athletes sincerely care about your customers, your products, and your brand as a whole, that’s when you win.


Here are some brands we partner with

Harper Auto Square logo
game-time logo
Eddie's Health Logo
Barleys Logo
Old City Sport's Bar Logo
Orange Mountain Designs
Simpson's meats logo
the DW Design's Logo
Gus' Fried Chicken Logo
Marc Nelson Logo
Everbowl Logo
Wagon Wheel Logo
Real Hot Yoga Logo

The Brand – Athlete Fit Matters

Your brand and your goals are unique. That means not every athlete is the right fit for you, and we understand that. When you work with Spyre, you can feel confident we’ll help you find those ideal-fit athletes who really get what you’re about and are fully aligned with what you’re trying to achieve.

Interested in NIL deals but feel unsure of how they work? Here’s some perspective

Alabama football team running out of tunnel
NIL, College football field

Innovative marketing solutions rooted in integrity and excellence

With more than 30 years of combined experience in sports marketing, we exceed expectations. We have the expertise, tools, and resources you need to achieve your goals. We’re on a mission to give sports agencies a good name through our honesty, authenticity, and transparency.

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