Athlete & brand partnerships
where everyone wins

The most fulfilling, lucrative, and long-lasting partnerships between brands and athletes are those built on genuine excitement and mutual alignment. At Spyre Sports Group, those are the only types of partnerships we believe in – the kind where everyone wins.

How can we help you win?


You’re looking for a dedicated partner who has your best interests in mind and will grow with you. Who will help you write the story of your career through meaningful partnerships that not only excite you, but also align with your passions and your values. 

As a brand

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive growth for a specific product or break into a new league, you need a strategic partner who can grow your footprint through lucrative partnerships with athletes who are excited to work with you.

Marketing Representation for Athletes & Brands


Professional athletes and student athletes trust Spyre to make the right connections and find the deals that best support individual aspirations.

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Let us find the athlete(s) who is the best fit for your brand goals. Growth. Awareness. Community. Are you ready to see what the right deal can do for your business?

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What is NIL?

NIL stands for name, image, and likeness for college athletes. Using their NIL, student-athletes can receive financial compensation through marketing and promotional opportunities.

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Spyre knows sports! If you want to connect with the sports industry, Spyre offers marketing solutions and makes the connections that get you in.

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Stay current on the latest news from Spyre Sports and learn more about recent athlete – brand match ups.

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The Volunteer Club

Donations to the Volunteer Club support NIL opportunities for athletes and provide exclusive access to club members through newsletters, events, and specialty gear.

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Sports marketing solutions to fit your needs

With more than 30 years of experience, we approach every athlete and brand relationship with a commitment to excellence and integrity.

Recent News

Alabama football team running out of tunnel

The Volunteer Club

The Volunteer Club harnesses the spirit of current fans and honors the tradition of Tennessee excellence by creating an enhanced experience for Tennessee athletes. Donations to the Volunteer Club support NIL opportunities for athletes and provide exclusive access to club members. Spyre Sports Group facilitates the Volunteer Club.